Thursday, May 8, 2014

Take your mind off adult stresses. Tips.

Being an adult brings on alot of responsibilities that no teenager or child could probably ever comprehend. Adjusting to adult life is hard. Its like jumping into a cold pool on a winters day. Surprising and scary.
Daily life becomes a routine as you struggle to find the balance of needing to provide a roof over your head, food in your belly and having a happy joyful life.

I have currently taken on a promotion at work. The pay rise $$ and role excites me but adding more responsibilities into my life means trying to reach out to find ways to unwind after work. Along with activities to keep my mind creative and of course i'm forever seeking adventures.

I believe to have an adventure or to be creative only takes the simplest steps. Today I am sharing my favourite ways to keep you smiling, sparkling and most importantly ensuring you keep the fun in your life.

Find things you love to do at home!!!
This is important. Why you ask? Well you spend all that time working to pay rent or pay mortgages why would you want to waste it all your time not being there to appreciate it??
Need ideas? Go onto Pinterest. You wont leave uninspired. 
-Cooking (This is my go to)
-Puzzles and games

Do something to keep your mind switched off!!!
Switching off from work or study is really hard. I always find myself thinking of what needs to be done hours after I leave work. This is where watching movies or a tv show you really like helps. Your so caught up in the moment you forget that anything else exists. (i recommend... Burlesque, Misfits, An Education, River Cottage, The Darling Buds Of May and Skins)

Finding Your Inner Child!!!
What did you like to do when you were little? Was it go for a bike ride? Did you like to play basketball? Find something that you really enjoyed as a child and do that. When you were an innocent child all you tried to do was the things you loved. Chances are that there are things you loved that you have forgotten to keep doing. No rule says you cant do those things as adults. I loved to colour in. I loved choosing all the colours and mixing pencils with markers and pens. Maybe instead of a Barbie colouring book I choose a Mandala book. Either way reliving your childhood is a healthy part of growing up.

Try something different or New!!!
As a child the whole world (parents, teachers, peers) were always giving you new things to try and experiences that were different. As an adult we tend to do the same things over and over. Go to the same shops, eat at the same restaurants and see the same things. Im challenging you to go out of your comfort zone to try something new. Go horse back riding, eat a different cuisine that you have no idea about. Take a day trip to somewhere you haven't been before. Take a day painting or clay class. Do something you don't HAVE to be good at. Do it for the fun of it.

Lastly Know when its time for a rest!!!
Its been a long day. You come home after a nightmare shift and you have to make dinner and you have your shows to watch still. My tip is to simply don't turn that TV on. Your shows can wait... Everything on tv is on the internet to watch later on. Instead put on a cd. Listen to some soft music as you make your dinner. Don't sit on the couch to eat! Sit at your table and just enjoy the meal you made instead of mindlessly shovelling it in as you stare at the screen. Take yourself into a nice warm shower then put your pjs on and snuggle into bed with a cup of tea and read a chapter or 2 of a book. Doing these steps will make you feel more joy as you go to sleep, helping you have a more restful sleep.

I hope this helps someone out there. Leave me a comment telling me what you like to do to take your mind of stress. 

Remember Believe in Magic

Codysfairytale xxx

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

May 2014 ETSY Pin-Up Picks.

Hey dolls,

Here is a new monthly series where I share my top Pin-Up Picks from loads of beautiful Etsy shop owners. Along with the amazing Vintage items for sale there are handmade goodies too!! The creativity astounds me constantly. Although this is just 10 items this month, be sure to check every month for new picks.
So lets get into my wishlist...

1) MissLizzieD 
This beautiful handmade bow bandeau halter top is to die for! I love the idea of matching it with the skirt or even mixing the top with some denim shorts for a playful summer day look.
$120 playset

2) Crossix
This greek designer has handcrafted these low back midi circle skirt dresses. The perfect dress for a wedding or a romantic dinner.


I have instagrammed this recently. The most amazing grey classic dress. I cant even comprehend its elegance. Very "Breakfast at Tifannys."


This Canadian pattern maker is selling the prettiest high waist knicker pattern. Perfect to show off to your lover for that special occasion, or to indulge in for yourself, because your worth it!! You will need to be an intermediate level sewist to recreate this knicker.


From my hometown Melbourne this very talented lady makes an abundance of hair accessories, jewellery and other bits and bobs. But this fabulous cherry apron will put any house honey in a great baking mood. I can see myself swirling around the kitchen in the full circle skirt number!!


A beautiful little alice headband with stunning red roses that I think would look stunning with a curly updo. Pair it with a red lip to create the flamenco vibe.


Every girl wishes to be a mermaid once in their life. For me its a weekly wish!! Give your tooshie a mermaid tail, well kind of in this fun high waisted bikini bottoms. This is a must!!!!


Time to be a Yummy-Honey and smell sweet enough to eat with this delicious cotton candy, bubblegum, strawberry and truffle body scrub. The packaging it just adorbs!!


These fun flirty and super girly sunglasses are sure to jazz up any outfit you may wear. This lovely US designer creates custom bedazzled goodness in so many colours. (note to self - blue hair one day)
10) Plot
I can never resist a beautiful vintage scarf and this is just one of many that is on offer from this Polish collection. I love the use of cool tones and the soft silk material. It would jazzy up any bad hair day!!

So there you have it my May Etsy Pin-Up Picks.
Lets support small businesses. Their love for what they do is astounding. 

Untill next time - Believe in Magic 


Friday, April 4, 2014

She's Alive!!!!

Hey friends,

Remember me???

I'm so sorry for my lack of posting and commitment to this blog and my main venture of Youtube.
Life has been the whirly-est of winds. (Yes I make my own words)
Stay tuned for fun! Remember that a happy life is a fun filled life
and always.....

Believe in magic

xxx Codysfairytale

Saturday, November 23, 2013





Sunday, November 10, 2013

Lush LUSH Lush

Hey Everyone!

A few months back I was invited to a beauty event held by Lush.
Babs and the team did a fantastic job of hosting.
We all had a fab time.
Here is my Lush Journey

Friday, November 8, 2013


Hey Dolls!

The lovely Melissa from The blog and I thought we should get some fun loving YouTubers / Bloggers together to meet up and come up with some colab videos / Blog posts we could do together!

We have some dates were thinking of which are:

11th and 12th of January 
25th and 26th of January 

The Location will be Fed Square in Melbourne 

Comment below with your Twitter / Facebook Name and Date you are free if you want to join!
It will be super fun to chat all things girly.

Remember to join the fairytale.

xxx Cody

Monday, August 26, 2013

Victoria Secret haul.

One of the greatest pleasures in life is to indulge in something that you don't have easily available. This weekend I was able to do some damage to my visa in the process.
This Sunday I was at the Brisbane airport. With only minutes to spare before jumping on a flight home I rushed through the shopping strip to find Victoria Secret. (It was my mission for the weekend)

To Say I splurged is probably understatement.

I have heard so many great things about their body splashes! True to their reviews the smells are delightful, they are long lasting and its totally worth the money. They had a deal mix and match 3 shower gels, body mists or body butters for either $39 or $49 (cant quite remember)

So i Picked up 3 body mists.
Forever Pink - Pink tuberose and pear. such a light touch of scent. not over powering in the slightest, very pretty and feminine.
Strawberry and Champagne - wild strawberries and champagne. You can absolutely smell the champas in this scent, its flirty and fun!!
Pure Seduction - Red plum and freesia. This is the strongest of scents smelling quite sexy and fruity its almost something you want to eat.

Next I purchased one Perfume. 
I straight away new the scent I was after Victoria Secrets Bombshell Forever! Super keen to have this boysenberry, lavender flower and pamplewood mix. 50ml costing me around $89 and worth every cent. 
Its such a Mirada Kerr sex kitten scent. 
The lavender is the most potent in it however the mix is just insanely amazing.

I couldnt leave without grabbing a make-up item. so I picked up the Fresh face brightening gel cream. Its described as what the models use to keep their skin GLOWY AND BRIGHT!
If you want a full review on this product be sure to leave a comment below!

Whatever you want to call them i got 5 pairs.

 That is everything in my haul.
Thanks for reading and remember to subscribe to here and my youtube channel. 

Believe in magic


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Homemade Coleslaw!


This is one of those yummy foods that you can have as a side to a BBQ, eat it on its own or my favourite have it with pasta sauce on a jacket potato. 

Its so simple to make. YOU MUST TRY IT!!!!


1/2 Cabbage (I used Green)
2 Carrots 
Lemon juice
Pepper (Ground).

Simply shred your cabbage with a knife into thin pieces and grate your entire carrot.
Put them both in a bowl with 1/2 cup mayo and 1/4 cup of lemon juice and season with pepper.
Toss and done done done !!!!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Lovely Lime Crime

My passion for lip products has never been a secret! However I haven't splurged on a lippy in a while.
Today my pretties was the day! I adopted 2 beautiful babies all the while adding to my family of Lime Crime Lipsticks. 

Firstly with the delicately delightful D'lilac. This pastel purple is a dream come true. I first of all witnessed it on the monster mother herself (Lady Gaga for those playing along at home) Then after doing some research I saw it on RIRI and my personal fave Peaches Geldof.
I knew then I needed this in my world.
Hunting for months on what seemed an unachievable search today at my local Gorgeous Cosmetics I found the stand of Lime Crime. 
So without thinking twice I snatched it up.

Then catching my eye was this pretty Bubblegum Pink in a tube. Great Pink Planet. I adore my pink lipsticks and this was prettier then a picture and It had to come home with me also.

Now I know online each Lime Crime lipstick retails for around $15 or so which is reasonable, but I got them for $20; Yes thats $5 more but I was able to look feel and touch these.
So I preferred my in the shop shopping experience.

- All the stuff that has been said about Doe the creater and her products in the past (No I won't give my opinion or explain what it is ... google it)
- Price compared to online 

-Pretty shades
-Opaque colours
-Long lasting
-smells like playdough (SERIOUSLY)

If you would like to see lip swatches head over to the links provided as my lip swatches never do justice to such amazing colours!

Thank you pretty people for reading another ramble from a mad lady. 
Apologise for the MIA but guess who's back, back again (Im not Eminem but that was a fun called for moment)

Remember ... Believe in Magic

xxx Codysfairytales.